Features & Pricing

At the heart of our websites is the Bar Sites menu system. The system is used for food, drinks and events menus. The Bar Sites menu system is designed to be very easy to use, change and update by you.

When viewed on the website, the menus are reponsively designed for desktop, tablet and mobile screens for your customers to easily read and navigate through.

Each menu system is customised for your requirements. We will also design the look of the menu within your specifications.

Typical menu system sub-categories can include:

Food - This could include Bar Snacks, Starters, Main, Desserts, Burgers, Steaks, Pies, etc.

Drinks - Once again, this will be down to your offerings but could typically include Beer, Cider, Spirits, Cocktails, Soft Drinks, Hot Drinks, etc.

Events - You may wish to use an event menu for live music, quiz nights, local events, etc.

You can have as few or as many sub-categories per menu system as you require.

All sites created by Bar Sites are fully responsive, so they will look great on desktop, tablet and mobile screens. We also follow design guidance from you, so that the colours and fonts reflect your individual pub. We can also add in an automated booking system, should you wish.

The features of your site will be down to your individual requirements.

Our sites have a one-off set up cost as well as an on going monthly cost. But why a monthly cost?

Updates, updates, updates! We all see them on our computers and our phones. Websites are no different. Bar Sites takes care of all your site updates.

Every site that you have ever visited, be it a news site, social media, property listings etc. run on background software. This background software needs to be regularly updated.

When you view a website, the browser you use (such as Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari) is also regularly updated for better user experience. When these update, so does the background software of the website.

The website background software also requires regular security updates to help prevent them being hacked.

Bar Sites maintains all updates on a regular (weekly) basis to make sure your site running in tip-top condition. In addition to this, your site will also be backed-up on a monthly basis. (We also have weekly and daily backup plans if required - please contact us for details).

All price plans include: Server / Hosting Costs, Weekly Updates, Monthly Backups, Security Monitoring, Database Cleaning and Peformance Optimisation.

We use SSD servers for super fast loading times. We can also set up Google Analytics for you, should you wish.

On top of the Price Plans listed below, we also include an additional three pages for you to cover GDPR rules: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

All plans are zero contract. Websites are typically setup within three weeks. *Prices listed are subject to VAT.

Plan 1

£200 Set Up


Per Month

Ideal for Micropubs

Up to 5 pages

1 Menu System

Choose from:

Food Menu / Drinks Menu / Events Menu

Plan 2

£300 Set Up


Per Month

Our Most Popular Plan

Up to 10 pages

2 Menu Systems

Choose from:

Food Menu / Drinks Menu / Events Menu

Plan 3

£400 Set Up


Per Month

Full Featured

Up to 15 pages

All 3 Menu Systems


Food Menu / Drinks Menu / Events Menu

Bar Sites has a nationwide network of professional photographers and fully insured, CAA qualified drone operators. If you would like to use our imaging services, please do get in touch for a quote.

Prices will vary depending on your location. Please note, it may not always be possible to take a drone video inside the pub (as in the video shown here), so we'll need a few details before a quote can be provided.